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Verified on WhatsApp: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Coveted Green Tick for Your Business Account!

During the registration and onboarding process, WhatsApp will look at your business’s application and decide whether or not to let it use the WhatsApp network. WhatsApp knows that there are two kinds of business accounts:

1. Regular business account

  • Every business that is approved gets this status.
  • The verified business name will only be visible in the contact view. All other views will display your WhatsApp Business phone number. The contact view will display a grey ‘Confirmed’ checkmark with the verified business name in smaller text.
  • No green checkmark is visible.

2. Official business account

  • Select businesses are given this status at WhatsApp’s discretion at the time of approval.
  • Instead of the phone number, your verified business name will be visible in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contact view.
  • A green checkmark will also be visible in the contact view.
Applying for an Official Business Account

If a customer thinks they qualify, they can ask Clickatell for a green checkmark. We will open a support ticket at no extra cost for WhatsApp to look at.

It can take up to three weeks for WhatsApp to look over the request and respond.

Please note that WhatsApp doesn’t tell us how they decide whether or not to approve this request, so we can’t promise that they will (also see here).

WhatsApp asks that at least the following information be included in the Support ticket in order to be considered for an official business account:

  • Facebook Business verification check: Provide a screenshot showing your verified Facebook account status
  • Business Facebook Page URL
  • Business website
  • Business name in languages other than English (if any)

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